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2016 was the year of the Great Clown Scare.


2016 was the year of the Great Clown Scare.

In 2016 we saw the Great Clown Scare, where across the globe there was an abnormal number of clown sightings.

These sightings of people dressed as “evil” clowns drew attention because they were found hanging around in forests and schools.

This wasn’t just happening in the USA, but also in Canada, UK, and 17 other countries around the world.

The first sighting which is believed to have sparked the movement was in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and was said to have been a publicity stunt to promote the release of a new horror film.

As a result of these sightings, countries took various precautions to deal with the global clown situation.

This included banning the selling of clown costumes, banning wearing clown outfits and masks in certain areas, and putting out government warnings in place for safety.

he first named victim was 17-year-old student Megan Bell, who has a “lifelong fear of clowns” and was chased down the street by one at night. Soon, more clowns began to pop up: in Wales, Manchester, Sheffield and Liverpool. Then just about everywhere. Concerned parents made Facebook pages about clowns, thus inadvertently helping to spread the meme. The Metropolitan police advised schoolchildren to call 999 if they saw a “killer clown”. Some observers spoke knowingly of a classic “

social panic”, since only a very few of the clown incidents involved actual physical assaults. But being chased down the street at night by a clown, or anyone else, is frightening enough for adults and children alike. As Met commander Julian Bennett pointed out: “Antisocial behaviour can leave people feeling scared, anxious and intimidated, and I would urge those who are causing fear and alarm to carefully consider the impact their actions have on others.” These stories were surreal news fodder, but not, when you thought about them, actually funny. But why clowns? And why now?

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