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Who should Virgo marry?


Who should Virgo marry?

The best bet for a Virgo is a Taurus.

A Taurus and a Virgo are very similar. Both are practical, grounded, and very reliable.

These similarities make them excellent lifelong partners, the only contention being the Taurus’ materialistic tendencies

Virgo's job, with the help of Mercury, is to sort through the harvest—essentially separating what's necessary from what's not. Virgo is dedicated to this task, hence why Virgos are often known as the editors of the zodiac.

The "virginity" of Virgo doesn't necessarily have to do with sexual virginity. Rather, it ties to the sign's dedication to purity and service. It also demonstrates the notion that Virgos are totally capable of caring for themselves.

Virgo is a mutable sign, meaning it helps us transition from one season to the other (in the Northern Hemisphere, Virgo season arrives as summer begins transitioning to fall), so there's a mental and physical flexibility and dynamism to Virgo—just like fellow Mercury-ruled sign Gemini.

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