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Spooky Facts About Haunter | Pokémon


 Spooky Facts About Haunter | Pokémon

In the first Generation of Pokémon, everybody struggled with the Psychic Gym in Saffron City.

That Kadabra was just so fast and deadly that it would wipe the floor with almost everything.

Simply put, Kadabra was a Pokémon super-weapon so early in the game.

So for most trainers, the best way to fight it was simple: get a super-weapon of your own.

For every smart-minded trainer, that super-weapon was a Haunter.

Located in the Pokémon Tower, this ghastly Ghost-type Pokémon is one of the most beastly Pokémon knocking about in the first Generation.

Most importantly, it was a Ghost-type making it super effective against Sabrina’s Psychic types.

So, other than fond childhood memories of seeing Kadabra faint at the hands of your Haunter, what do you actually know about the Pokémon itself?

Well, read on to and discover the 15 most spooky facts about one of my all-time favorite Pokémon, Haunter.

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