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Running barefoot creates a more natural running style.


Running barefoot creates a more natural running style.

It’s often debated whether running barefoot is good or bad for you, and it does really depend on the situation.

Running barefoot is better for us as humans because it is more natural. It’s said to create better balance and improve strength.

We evolved with the skill of running, and our ancestors wouldn’t have run in shoes.

However, some risks come with running barefoot. Due to the lack of protection, you risk puncturing skin by running on something sharp.

This will also put more stress on the bottoms of your feet, and this may cause more damage over time.

First, there's a safety concern about stepping on sharp or dangerous objects. If you're going to run completely barefoot, it's a good idea to make sure you're up to date on your tetanus shot. That can help prevent serious issues if you get a deep cut or puncture that lets bacteria into the foot.

Also, there's the consideration of the running surface, Kennedy said. Most of us don't run on well-maintained, natural bushland. We run along concrete footpaths, roads or some other firm ground.

"This means our feet aren't getting that variation of landing on different surfaces and manoeuvring along 'natural' ground", she says. "The consistent, hard surface that we tend to run on is very harsh and jarring on our feet, even with shoes on, let alone without shoes".

Even though barefoot running might be considered instinctual or natural, she said, the unfamiliarity of that motion and terrain could increase injury risk, including sprains and strains. This is why it's always a good idea to check with your physician or physiotherapist before attempting to run barefoot

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