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One of the US’ greatest inventors was born in Ohio


One of the US’ greatest inventors was born in Ohio 

Many great men have come from Ohio, including probably the most influential inventor to ever come out of the US.

We are, of course, talking about Thomas Edison.

Born Thomas Alva Edison on February 11, 1847, in the small town of Milan, Ohio, he didn’t seem destined for greatness.

Despite his small-town upbringing, Edison went on to invent, among many other things, the world’s first fully functioning incandescent light bulb, the electric power generator, the motion picture camera, and the phonograph!

What do the airplane, the light bulb and chewing gum have in common? They are three of the many inventions developed by Ohioans. Over the past 200 years, Ohio has been home to a number of technological innovators and pioneers in science who followed their dreams.

Let’s take a closer look at the people and the technology they developed.

Along with a team of workers, Kettering invented the first automobile self-starter in 1911. Before this, drivers would have to crank the engine by hand before entering the automobile. Kettering held more than 300 patents, most of which were used with automobiles.

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