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It won’t stay up in space forever.


It won’t stay up in space forever.

Many of the modules on the ISS are already quite dated as the technology used has advanced by leaps and bounds since they were created.

This means that while the ISS could theoretically stay in space for much longer than planned, it will eventually become useless.

The ISS’s time in space has already been extended a few times, but its end is now in sight.

In January 2022, NASA announced plans to de-orbit the ISS in January 2031 and crash it into a remote part of the South Pacific Ocean.

All good things must come to an end, but it will still be sad when we look up at the night sky and can no longer be able to see the ISS blinking back at us.

The ISS will always remain a beacon of hope for peaceful and productive international cooperation.

We hope you come away from this not just informed but inspired about all the possibilities the ISS has opened up for the Human race!

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