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Is it a Black Moon or Invisible Moon?


Is it a Black Moon or Invisible Moon?

There is no exact definition for what exactly a Black Moon is.

This is because it’s a newer term created and popularized by followers of the Wiccan Religion and social media.

There are many definitions for what type of moon it represents, but the most common is that of the New Moon.

It’s mostly because the Moon is not lit up, and there is just darkness.

This can also be called an Invisible Moon.

Both terms describe the phase as the Moon is technically invisible because it’s not lit up in the sky. 

Therefore, the term Black Moon can describe the darkness that we see. 

The two names have also been used to describe the Moon when we experience a solar eclipse.

A solar eclipse is when the moon lines up directly between the Sun and Earth.

This means that the Moon blocks the Sun from Earth’s view, but it leaves a glowing ring around the Moon because the Moon is smaller than the sun.

The Moon can appear black as it is entirely in the shadow.

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