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Fairly Fun Facts About Dodgems


 Fairly Fun Facts About Dodgems

I nearly killed a kid on the Dodgems once. No joke!

I was in a car with my kid sister, and there were two young kids who had stalled their car in front of us.

I slammed my foot down, my sister was screaming Get ’em!!” like we were in some Mad Max movie and then BUMP!

The two kids clattered together with some mighty force. One of them thought this was hilarious.

The other one… well, he was in a great deal of pain, the poor little guy.

Me and my sister shot each other a guilty glance, drove away sharpish and left the kid to be fished out by the ride attendant and returned to his mother and his gigantic, hulking, angry-looking father.

I love Dodgems – a lot. However, I only just learnt why they’re called Dodgems. It’s really interesting, actually. You ready to find out?

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