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Bumper cars weren’t originally made for steering


Bumper cars weren’t originally made for steering

A fun factor of the original bumper cars was that their lack of steering capabilities would often send them swirling around the track.

This was down to the design and construction of the first bumper cars, which had a motor underneath the car that cut down the precision of the steering

The lack of steering didn’t put people off, mind you. If anything, it made them hungry for more.

People who loved wild rides kept coming back to the Dodgems, thrilled by the unpredictability that the poor steering gave them

  • The critics were wrong. The creators were proven right and people loved the fact that the car was out of control most of the time. To the scores of visitors that lined up at amusement parks to enjoy the fun, that was the most exciting part.

Decades down the line, some changes have been made here and there, and the allure of bumper cars remain. If you live in Texas and you’re wondering where you can bash into other riders without getting a ticket, visit the Flip N Fun Park in Houston. Call 832-602-5400 now for inquiries.

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