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A large percentage of ,are pulled in by Jupiter’s gravity.


A large percentage of asteroids are pulled in by Jupiter’s gravity.

For this reason, Jupiter is known as the dumping grounds for our solar system.

Many of the asteroids that are potentially harmful to Earth, the long period comets, tend to be sucked into Jupiter’s gravity field.

Thanks Jupiter!

Newton determined that gravitational centripetal force would counter-act the centrifugal force, and that the force was proportional to the product of the Masses. It was therefore assumed that Gravity was a direct function of Mass. Mass as a fixed property of matter as envisage by Newton does not exist, but the concept works for most practical applications. The myth was actually perpetuated by Einstein, because instead of addressing Mass Energy in a coherent fashion, he simply muddied the waters. He started out by equating Gravitational and Inertial Mass, which had never been formally done before, without having the sound empirical evidence to make such an assumption. It has now been shown under Explaining Mass Energy and Precise Derivation of Mass Energy of the Proton that the founding assumption of his Equivalence Principles is not even valid. He then persisted with the concept of Mass even after the empirical evidence was showing that the quantities that had been assumed to be constants were in fact variables. However, it would be unfair to blame Einstein entirely because those quantities still exist within the Standard Model of Quantum Field Theory. Relativistic effects of planetary motion are very small compared with Subatomic Particles, and even those with the exception of Leptons do not generally travel at relativistic speeds. Consequently, for 300 years humankind has been convinced that the constant in Newtonian Gravity is actually constant.

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