Breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day. In 1944, General Foods coined the phrase to sell more cereal Grape Nuts. - FactzPedia


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Breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day. In 1944, General Foods coined the phrase to sell more cereal Grape Nuts.

 Breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day. In 1944, General Foods coined the phrase to sell more cereal Grape Nuts.

Food facts are not something you really think about when eating your favorite meal, but we do!

Food can either be a nutritious meal or a guilty pleasure! We all have our weaknesses when it comes to what we like to eat.

Some of those foods, whether they’re healthy or not, have interesting facts about them that you never would have guessed or thought of.

For example, did you know that ranch dressing is dyed? You’d be surprised to find out what it’s dyed with!

Find out the reason why crackers have holes in them, and the actual origin of American cheese – hint: it’s not from America.

If you’ve only got a minute spare, you can check out the video below with our 5 favorite fun food facts from this list!

The early recipes of pound cake called for one pound of butter, one pound of eggs, and one pound of sugar.

That’s a huge cake!

That’s because it takes 72 hours to make, and it can only be made in your home by 3 Italian chefs.

The pizza is topped with 3 types of caviar, bufala mozzarella, lobster from Norway and Cilento, and pink Australian sea salt.

Yep, the same wax that is used on cars, carnauba wax, is the same type of wax that is used to give gummy candy a glossy sheen.

Not sure how I feel about that!

If you ingest nutmeg in large doses, it works like a hallucinogen due to a natural compound called myristicin.

It has mind-altering effects if taken in large doses.

Back in the early 1800s, people thought tomatoes had medicinal qualities.

One doctor claimed they could treat diarrhea and indigestion, so he made a recipe for a type of tomato ketchup which then became a pill.

Its name is deceiving because white chocolate doesn’t have any components of regular chocolate.

It’s really just a mixture of sugar, milk, vanilla, lecithin, and cocoa butter.

Wild salmon is naturally pink because of all the shrimp they eat.

Meanwhile, farm-raised salmon have a different diet and end up being white.

However, they are fed specific plant pigments to get the same hue as wild salmon.

A common red food dye, carminic acid, is made from the crushed bodies of a beetle called the Dactylopius coccus.

This acid is used in maraschino cherries, strawberry and raspberry flavored candy, and lipstick.

There’s a chemical in chili peppers called capsaicin that tricks your mouth into feeling like it’s being burned – that’s why spicy food hurts.

The pain is all in your head!

Until 2013, beer and other alcohol under 10% ABV was classified as a soft drink!

Until then, and even still today, it was common for people to drink beer in the streets and parks as commonly as you would see soda.

In fact, it’s stolen so much it has its own percentage! About 4% of all cheese made around the globe ends up stolen.

There’s even a black market for cheese!

Researchers had an experiment to see how people’s drinking habits changed based on the music that was playing.

Loud music seemed to make people drink more, and faster.

As the Aztecs started dominating Mesoamerica, they also loved cocoa beans which couldn’t be grown in their civilization.

They had to rely on the Mayans and traded cocoa beans with them as a system of money.

Chocolate isn’t the weirdest thing that’s been used as currency in the past either… potato mashers?

That equates to 75 McDonald’s hamburgers sold every second, every day, or 6.5 million hamburgers each day!

Water can’t expire – but the bottle it’s in can. Plastic bottles will eventually start leaking chemicals into the water.

It won’t make the water harmful to drink, but it will make it taste less fresh.

You may also like these 10 health benefits of drinking water.

Getting peanut butter stuck to the roof of your mouth is annoying sure, but to have an irrational fear of it happening is next level.

But there’s a phobia for everything and this common occurrence is no exception.

Arachibutyrophobia is the fear of peanut butter getting stuck to the roof of your mouth!

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