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7 Surprising Health Benefits of Swimming


7 Surprising Health Benefits of Swimming

There are so many amazing benefits of swimming, health related and other.

It is beneficial for your body – you can get fit, ease back into fitness after an injury and you can swim while pregnant!

Keep reading to see these 7 health benefits of regular swimming.

When you are recovering from an injury, or your joints can’t take high-impact strain, swimming is a great low-impact way of still moving and staying active.

It can be a way of easing the body back into exercise as the water eases the pain and allows the joints to move more freely.

When the body is less physically able, swimming is a good way of easing the discomfort of moving the joints and muscles, and sometimes can ease the pain caused by the joints.

Swimming is a good way to exercise gently while pregnant.

It does not cause strain on the baby, and due to our body weight in the water it is much easier to move while under the water.

Swimming is known to be beneficial in helping relive the body of aches and pains associated with being pregnant and can help tighten the abdominal muscles.

The water supports in body’s increased weight under the water and eases the strain on the spine and back muscles.

Swimming uses lots of different muscles, from the lower body to the upper body.

30 minutes of swimming can burn up to 200 calories, so it is proven to be a great way of getting exercise into your routine.

It improves the body’s muscular strength and the cardiovascular system.

Swimming is a good way of staying fit and healthy, and helping to lose weight.

It’s a great stamina builder and is a good way of improving the body’s endurance levels.

Being regularly active, can reduce the chances of getting cardiovascular disease, and swimming is a very accessible-for-all way of staying active.

Swimming can help your blood flow around your body better and strengthens the heart.

It has shown to reduce the blood sugar levels in the body, and has been proven to reduce the risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

Using swimming as a regular form of exercise is a great way of keeping the and blood happy in the body. 

Swimming with your family can help keep us happy and positive.

It often makes people feel relaxed and calm, while also making them feel full of energy – so is a great stress reliever.

It is an amazing exercise for both adults and children alike and is a fun way of introducing positive exercise into a child’s life.

Swimming releases a chemical in the body called endorphins, which make us happy and improve our mood.

The moist, warm air inside an indoor swimming pool will often help relive exercise-induced symptoms – rather than harsh, outside air or dry air in a gym environment.

Swimming has been shown to improve asthma in many sufferers long-term, and regular swimming is even better for it.

65 adults who had mild asthma took part in a study in the Scientific World Journal in 2007; they reported having a better lung function and reduced airway reactivity, after six months.

Sweating and hot weather can often put people off exercise.

If your body is prone to over-heating, especially during exercise, swimming is a good way of getting active but staying cool.

The water temperature can be calming for the body and relax the muscles.

It will cool your body temperature and help keep your skin cool.

If you are worried about sweating, the pool will keep your body temperature at cool level and avoid any unwanted sweat.

Swimming is a very versatile way for the young, elderly and everyone in between to be able to get fit and healthy together.

Your heart health can improve as well as your general health. Go try swimming out for yourself, and reap the benefits!

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