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Why Are Christmas Cracker Jokes So Bad?


Why Are Christmas Cracker Jokes So Bad?

If you’ve ever pulled a Christmas cracker, you’ll be familiar with their famously terrible jokes.

Love them or hate them, Christmas wouldn’t be the same without the jokes found in Christmas crackers.

Generally followed by groans, sighs, and a few half-hearted laughs from around the table, the festive season isn’t quite complete without the jokes.

And while you might be forgiven for thinking the writers simply ran out of creativity, Christmas cracker jokes might actually be purposely bad!

Are Christmas cracker jokes intentionally bad?

When a joke is bad, you can blame the joke and not the person telling it. Psychology professors believe this plays an important part in why Christmas cracker jokes are intentionally terrible.

Those telling the jokes on Christmas Day can simply blame the joke if nobody laughs – saving some embarrassing moments.

This takes social pressure off people on Christmas Day and makes a family dinner more fun for everyone.

The anti-climactic nature of Christmas cracker jokes is part of the reason they have become such a key part of Christmas dinner.

Although disappointment at the punch line is often heard around the table, the classic bad jokes remain favorites for many at this time of year.

In fact, at Christmas, people can even be found discussing what they believe are the worst-ever Christmas cracker jokes.

And with such a low bar set, friends can feel less self-conscious about coming up with their own “bad” jokes.

Where did the idea of Christmas cracker jokes come from?

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