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10 Interesting Facts About The Last Supper


10 Interesting Facts About The Last Supper

Jesus did some miraculous things in his lifetime. But no one knew (besides Jesus) that this would be His last supper on earth.

His last meal consisted of unleavened bread and wine. My last meal would be a medium-rare steak with buttered corn and mashed potatoes.

That goes to show how awesome Jesus was. Instead of a fancy dinner, He chose a simple meal for His last meal.

But what else happened that fateful night?

Below are the top 20 interesting facts about The Last Supper.

The name says it all. The Last Supper was Jesus’ last supper with his twelve disciples before he was crucified.

This supper is when the First Eucharist occurred. What a thought: First Eucharist at the Last Supper. Fascinating.

As part of Eucharist (or communion), Jesus took the bread that was on the table, broke it in half (or close to half) and told his disciples to take it and eat it.

The bread represents the body of Christ.

After taking bread, Jesus then took the wine from the table and told his disciples to drink it.

The wine represents the blood of Jesus.

The Last Supper was actually foretold in the Old Testament. A “priest from God Most High” named Melchizedek “brought out bread and wine” And David said that Jesus would be “a priest forever in the order of Melchizedek.”

Jesus’ final supper was so important, Leonardo da Vinci depicted the scene in his famous painting titled The Last Supper.

The painting itself is huge. It’s about 15 feet by 29 feet (4.6 x 8.8 meters).

What’s interesting to note is there are groups of three in the painting, probably representing the Holy Trinity. Jesus’ figure resembles a triangle; three windows are seen behind Jesus; and the disciples are in groups of three.

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