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10 Interesting Facts About Isaac Newton

10 Interesting Facts About Isaac Newton

It is almost impossible to visualize the scientific world without the name of Isaac Newton.

He was the first scientist who legitimately tried to find an explanation as to why every object that holds some weight, plummets only towards the ground.

Isaac Newton is usually illustrated with an apple in the contemporary world.

This is because he supposedly got the “aha moment” when he was hit on the head with a big old apple.

Contrary to such claims, there is no rock-solid evidence for that story.

However, it is possible that he came to his first reasoning on a force of gravity by looking at a falling apple.

Here are 20 interesting facts about Isaac Newton!

When Isaac Newton was an infant, he could fit inside a quart size mug.

Isaac Newton as a child

According to his mother’s words. He was so small because he was born 

Isaac Newton’s father was also called Isaac Newton.

Isaac Newton illustration

Young Isaac was called with the same name for the honor of his father, who passed away just three months before his birth.

When he was just three years old, his mother Hannah Ayscough left him.

Isaac Newton shining light

She left him in the care of his maternal grandmother in order to live with her new husband.

Isaac Newton threatened to burn down a house while his mother and stepfather were still inside.

Isaac Newton House Fire

Isaac grew up having an animosity towards his stepfather, Reverend Barnabas Smith, with whom his mother had three children.

Young Newton wasn’t on good terms with his mother either.

He recorded all of his confessions in his personal journal.

Isaac Newton’s mother wanted him to be a farmer.

A drawing of Isaac Newton

However, Newton literally hated that profession. Overall, his rural lifestyle ended up unsuccessful.

His mother knew that he was not made for a rural work, so she allowed him to get his formal education.

Isaac Newton was bullied at school because of his shy and quiet nature.

Isaac Newton

According to the stories, he tried to prove himself better than other by concentrating his whole attention to the school work.

Eventually, he achieved that dream.

Between the ages of 12 and 17, Isaac Newton got an education at the King’s School, Grantham.

 The King's School in Grantham

During which time he resided with William Clarke, who has led Isaac Newton to the interest of chemistry.

The King’s School is still operational today, and one can see Newton’s engraved signature on one of the windowsills of the school.

His uncle, Rev William Ayscough helped him to get into the Trinity College.

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