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10 Fun Facts About Charlie Puth

10 Fun Facts About Charlie Puth
Today there are many stars who have no musical talent in their body and they still manage to become superstars just due to their hype or their social status.

But once in a while, some people break from this mold and appear as the musically talented star they were born to be.

One such man, Charlie Puth is a huge hit today, and quite rightly so, with an incredible voice, he’s taken the world by storm.

Here we’re going to look at 50 fun facts about Charlie Puth.

Brady, Charlie’s dog, and preferred wingman is a King Charles Spaniel.

Charlie comes from a very religious background with his mother being Jewish and his father Catholic.

Charlie’s mother Debra actually wrote commercials for HBO.

At 2 years old, Charlie was attacked by a dog which almost killed him and gave him his famous eyebrow slit. The slit is a center of controversy with many accusing him of doing it himself.

Charlie learned to play the piano from the age of 4 after his mother decided to teach him. His favorite song to play is Emily by Bill Evans.

Charlie was called ‘Chunky Spunky Money Poofington’ by some unknown group as a child. He admitted his rather strange nickname in a Billboard interview.

Charlie earned $600 profit when he released his first Christmas album whilst in Sixth Grade. He produced, designed and recorded the albums and donated the profits.

Charlie broke up with his first-ever girlfriend on a post-it note during an English class in 6th grade.

At the age of twelve, Charlie participated in a summer youth jazz ensemble in Red Bank.

In 2009 Charlie started his career with a comedy and acoustic covers YouTube channel called ‘Charlies Vlogs‘. He says his inspiration to create his YouTube was from Philip DeFranco and Dave Days.

Charlie attended the Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School and graduated in 2010.

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