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5 Fun Facts About Noah Centineo

5 Fun Facts About Noah Centineo
Noah Centineo has practically gained popularity overnight ever since he starred in a highly anticipated Netflix movie in August 2018, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.

Aside from being a great actor, he also has TONS of his own lovable traits!

Check out why people everywhere are swooning over this actor.

He was born in Miami, Florida, however, he grew up in Boynton Beach with his older sister, Taylor.

Gregory Vincent Centineo, his dad, is a businessman who was the executive producer for the animated film Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return in 2013.

His ethnicity is mostly Italian and Native American, although he also has a bit of Puerto Rican and Dutch in his blood.

He’s a pretty tall guy – standing at 6 foot 2 inches! For the rest of the world, that’s 1.9 meters.

Noah did not originally intend to be an actor. He initially wanted to play professional soccer.

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