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10 Unique Facts About Michael Jackson

10 Unique Facts About Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson is one of the world’s most famous singers of all time.

He has faced some issues with skin color over his years performing and later in his retirement appeared in the media for his strange actions.

But what makes Michael Jackson so interesting and why is his music so catchy?

Here are 15 strange facts about Michael Jackson that you probably didn’t know.
Whilst growing up Michael Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson would force Michael alongside his siblings to practice music.

He would often hit or whip them if they played the wrong note or made a mistake.

Joe’s mindset was to keep Michael and his siblings off the streets and away from gangs.

As a result, being raised in this way meant that they never had many friends.

Growing up in this environment forced Michael to be the best at what he did musically and caused a lot of mental pressure on him.

Some people might think this is a dream home, but others might think it is a little odd.

Michael Jackson turned his ranch into a half home half amusement park.

The amusement park had a petting zoo, roller coasters, railroads, bumper cars, a Ferris wheel, and a carousel.

The ranch was called Neverland, after the fictional place that Peter Pan lives.

The property was 3,000 acres (12.14 square kilometers).

It is thought that he could have paid anywhere between $17 million USD to $30 million USD.

In 1983 during a collaboration recording with Mercury in Los Angeles, Jackson decided to bring along his pet llama Louis.

This became a regular occurrence that Mercury was not fond of.

Amongst other reasons it is said that this was a contributing factor for not completing the song recordings.

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