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National Sunglasses Day | June 27

National Sunglasses Day | June 27

June 27th

Celebrated each year on June 27th, National Sunglasses Day gains popularity each year. Organizations like The Vision Council is one of the reasons. They inform people about the dangers of UV exposure and why wearing sunglasses should be more than to just make a fashion statement.

June 27 is officially National Sunglasses Day. For many across the Northern hemisphere, your days are now long, sunny, and bright.

The summer months are met with many more outdoor activities.

Whether out on vacation, sunbathing at the beach, swimming, cycling, or having a barbecue, American’s are out there basking in the summer sun.

What better way to celebrate than sporting your favorite sunnies on June 27, taking a few selfies, and hash-tagging for a like or two?

But, it’s not all about style. National Sunglasses Day is also about spreading awareness on a very important issue…

So, pull out your shades come rain or shine, and let’s take a closer look at this totally awesome day.

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