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International T-shirt Day | June 21

International T-shirt Day | June 21

June 21st marks the celebration of Internatiohttp://Aajtakshweta.comnal T-shirt day!

The yearly celebration of T-shirt day all started back in 2008 as an initiative by the brand Spreadshirt and has since taken the world by storm.

But before you dig out your favorite T-shirt (or go out buying a new one), check out this history all about the T-shirt that will make you appreciate this cool annual holiday just that little bit more.They can be layered both over and under other articles of clothing making them easy to be thrown on during every season and for many occasions.

Your t-shirt can be just a simple single color or covered with text or graphics for self-expression.

This international holiday has grown since it was first developed.pDuring the holiday’s first year of celebration, a company called Spreadshirt created events in both Boston, USA as well as in Berlin, Germany.

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