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There is a smoke alarm for the deaf.

There is a smoke alarm for the deaf.

Smoke alarms are available for people who are deaf (those with profound hearing loss). These alarms use strobe lights to wake the person. Vibration notification appliances, such as pillow or bed shakers, are required and are currently activated by the sound of a smoke alarm.

People who are deaf or hard of hearing need additional ways of making them aware the alarm has been activated, including vibrating pads and flashing strobe lights. ... If smoke is detected, the alarm will sound and set off the pad to assist in waking them.

The Sonic Alert SB1000SS Combination Alarm Clock with Super Shaker is an extra loud alarm clock that comes supplied with a vibrating bed device. This alarm clock for deaf people has been designed with hearing impairments in mind and aims to awaken the deepest of sleepers.

Alerting devices
Baby cry signaler: Alerts when baby sounds are detected. ... 
Carbon monoxide detector: Alerts if carbon monoxide exceeds safe levels. ... 
Doorbell signaler: Alerts when someone is at the door. ... 
Smoke alarm signaler: Alerts if the smoke alarm is activated. ... 
Telephone signaler: Alerts when the phone is ringing.

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