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In China, the police use geese as sentries.

In China, the police use geese as sentries.

Police in rural parts of China's Xinjiang Province are no longer turning to dogs to stand guard at police stations at night. They're using geese instead. And it works. According to a recent report, a guy tried to break into a police station to take back a motorbike confiscated by the cops.

Geese are extremely territorial birds, and will make a fearful racket when threatened. They also have incredible hearing and, in common with most birds, razor sharp eyesight, making them more effective than even dogs at spotting unwelcome intruders.

Geese came to the forefront of Roman life in 390 BC. Sacred to the goddess Juno, a flock of geese that were kept in her temple noticed a troop of Gauls sneaking up the hill to attack the city of Rome. ... Geese are still used as guard animals in many parts of the world today.

Geese can be used for exhibition, meat and egg production, feather and down production, guard duty, and weed control. Geese even can be used as decoration—Egyptian geese are tiny (having a mature weight of only 4 to 5 pounds) and mostly are kept as ornamental birds.

China geese are more shrill than other breeds and some people are bothered by all their noise, but they are the most beautiful breed of goose in my opinion. ... Geese in any breed can be aggressive, especially in the mating-and-baby season, and especially ganders.

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