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Fried chicken originated in Scotland.

Fried chicken originated in Scotland.

Fried Chicken Was Invented by the Scottish
It was actually the Scottish who were the first to deep-fry chicken in fat (the rest of the world usually baked or boiled it), and they brought the dish with them to America.

Fried chicken is one of the staple dishes of the American South - but its origins lie in Scottish immigrants who arrived in the region centuries ago. ... The Scots however preferred to pan-fry it in fat – the precursor to modern deep-fat frying.

The American English expression "fried chicken" is first recorded in the 1830s, and frequently appears in American cookbooks of the 1860s and 1870s. The origin of fried chicken in the southern states of America has been traced to precedents in Scottish and West African cuisine.

From the 17th to 19th Centuries, conventional wisdom designated the American South as fried chicken's native habitat. Southerners made it a centrepiece of their regional cuisine and boasted that only African Americans, mostly enslaved, could make “authentic” fried chicken.


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