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5 Surprising Facts About Sunny Spain

5 Surprising Facts About Sunny Spain

A national desert of Spain is Spanish Flan and it was first created in 1518. Spain produces almost half of the world's olive oil as there are over 250 million olive trees grown across the country. Mount Teide is the highest Spanish mountain sitting at 12,198 feet (3,718 meters).

Spain is 195,364 square miles (505990.437 square kilometers) which is just a little bit bigger than the state of California.

The name of Spain in Spanish is España.

It is believed that the name España, came from the word Ispania, which means rabbit. This name was given to the land in around 300 B.C by the Carthaginians.

Although you might think that Barcelona is bustling the capitol of Spain, it isn’t. Madrid is the capitol of Spain.

Spain is the second largest country in the EU.

The Spanish Royal family known as The Bourbon family, have been in reign since the 1700s.

Spain is considered to be an on old country but it was only officially founded on December 6, 1978.

Kingdom of Spain is its official name.

The Spanish national anthem, called Marcha Real, is 1 of only 4 in the world that has no lyrics.

Spanish is the second most popular language spoken in the world. With 5.85%, of the world’s population, around 442 million people speaking it in 2020.

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