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5 Incredible Facts About Lacoste

5 Incredible Facts About Lacoste

Even if you don’t own any Lacoste items, there’s a very high chance that you’ve seen the famous green crocodile which is featured on all their items.

Here are 25 quick facts about Lacoste that every fan should know!

Lacoste was founded in Troyes, France in 1933.

The founder was tennis player René Lacoste, and businessman André Gillier.

The full name of the business was La Chemise Lacoste, later shortened to Lacoste.

Some people believe that René Lacoste was given the nickname “the crocodile” because of his perseverance and determination on the tennis pitch.

However, another historic anecdote states that he got this nickname after he made a wager. It involved him potentially receiving a crocodile-skin suitcase if he won a particular tennis match against the Americans.

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