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10 Chill Facts About Jack Johnson

10 Chill Facts About Jack Johnson

Known for his feel-good soft rock and acoustic music, Jack Johnson is the perfect option for a relaxing summer day, or a long drive down the coast.

With popular hits like “Banana Pancakes,” you’ve definitely heard at least one song by this musical surfer.

Don’t think you know any? Put his music on shuffle, and no doubt a song will pop up that you’ve heard but didn’t realize it was him.

Jack Johnson does more than just make the perfect beach music though.

Check out these top 30 facts about this multi-talented musician!

His full name is Jack Hody Johnson. He is 45 years old and was born on May 18th, 1975.

Johnson’s music is relaxing probably because of influence from his origins – he was born and raised on North Shore, Oahu.

Jack Johnson’s dad, Jeff Johnson, was a well-known surfer.

His dad, alongside the fact of living in Hawaii, was likely the reason Jack started surfing at just the age of five.

Johnson has two older brothers. When Jack was a teenager, his brothers would take him on surfing trips to Indonesia where they would stay for over a month in the summers.

By the time Jack Johnson was 17, he became the youngest person to be invited to surf in the finals of Pipeline Masters of North Shore Oahu – one of the top surfing competitions in the world.

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