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There is official Wizard of New Zealand.

There is official Wizard of New Zealand.

In 1990 the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Mike Moore, an old friend, appointed him the official "Wizard of New Zealand". ... Since 2014, Ari Freeman has been The Wizard's apprentice. The Wizard was awarded the Queen's Service Medal in the 2009 Queen's Birthday Honours, for service to the community.

New Zealand
So, New Zealand Has A Government-Appointed Wizard. And his legal name is The Wizard.

In passing the Constitution Act 1986 (effective 1 January 1987), New Zealand “unilaterally revoked all residual United Kingdom legislative power.” New Zealand, as of 1987, is a free-standing constitutional monarchy whose parliament has unlimited sovereign power.

Newton's investigation reveals that in total 56 percent of New Zealand is privately owned land. Within that 3.3 percent is in foreign hands and 6.7 percent is Maori-owned. At least 28 percent of the entire country is in public ownership, compared with say the UK where only eight percent is public land.

A century after New Zealand proclaimed itself a loyal Dominion of the British Empire, the country is still technically a "dominion", or self-governing colony, say legal experts. ... Only in 1947 did New Zealand agree, the last dominion to do so.

The optimal NZ salary is more than three times the average wage - study. A US study has found there's an optimal earnings point that makes individuals happy. In New Zealand that "optimal" salary is $171,000, according to research from Purdue University in West Lafayette.

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